LEGO Batman the Jokers wrath is a LEGO movie. It starts off where the LEGO Joker and LEGO Clayface break out of Arkham Asylum. LEGO Harley Quinn joins them too.It shows a story where a lego guy named Jack Napier who is a guy working at a chemical factory gets mad at some gangsters for stealing his lego money.He then becomes a ruthless lego vigilante known as the Red hood.He punches the lego gangsters and they fall to pieces. He then fights Batman.But Red hood was never caught. And one day Jack Napier the alter ego of Red hood is walking by the chemical factory.But one of the rails was too old and broke.He fell off it.He then landed in a deep deep pit filled with dangerous chemicals.He went through a horrible lego transformation.When he came out of the chemicals his suit was stained purple and his hair was turned green and he had skin as white as whipped cream.He had ruby red lips and a creepy and evil lego smile.He became the Joker! In this film Batman and Robin team up with Brickie the brickster to fight Joker and Harley and Clayface.