Lego Batman 2: The Movie Saga is the sequel to 2008's Lego Batman.


Lego Batman 2: The Movie Saga takes on the events of the four original Batman movies: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.


The Main Hub is once again the Batcave. There are four display cases each with something representing the main villain of that chapter.


Level 1: Children

Summary: Children Bruce Wayne

Character: Martha Wayne,Tomas Wayne,Bruce wayne(child)

Boss: Joe Chill

Chapter 2: Batman

Level 1: Rooftop Heist

Summary: Batman and a police officer have to catch some crooks.

Characters: Batman, Police Officer

Boss: Crook Leader

Level 2: Axis Chemicals Factory (This level features story swap)

Summary: Batman must stop the invasion on the Axis Chemicals Factory.

Characters: Batman, Police Chief

Boss: Jack Napier

Level 3: Street Chase

Summary: Batman needs to rescue Vicki from the Joker.

Characters: Batman, Vicki

Vehicles: Batmobile

Boss: Bob

Level 4: The Joker's Factory

Summary: Batman goes to destroy Joker's Factory.

Characters: Batman, Police Captain

Boss: Joker's Helicopter

Level 5: The Parade

Summary: Joker has inflated his parade ballons with poison gas. Batman needs to get rid of the ballons.

Characters: Batman, Vicki

Vehicles: Batwing

Boss: Bob

Level 6: The Cathedral

Summary: Batman needs to end Joker once and for all.

Characters: Batman, Vicki

Boss: Joker

Chapter 3: Batman Returns

Level 1: The Clown Attack

Summary: Batman and Selina Kyle battle the clowns invading Gotham.

Characters: Batman, Selina Kyle

Boss: Female Clown

Level 2: Shop Attack

Summary: Catwoman and Miss Kitty attack a store owned by Shreck.

Characters: Catwoman, Miss Kitty

Boss: Shop Guards

Level 3: Catwoman (PvP)

Summary: Batman and Catwoman battle on the rooftops.

Characters: Batman, Catwoman

Boss: Catwoman, (or) Batman

Level 4: Street Drive

Summary: Batman has to find the Penguin before he can be elected.

Characters: Batman, Alfred

Boss: Penguin's Control

Level 5: The Party

Summary: Bruce Wayne and Alfred have to find Selina Kyle

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Alfred

Boss: Shreck

Level 6: Arctic World

Summary: Batman and Catwoman go to find Penguin.

Characters: Batman, Catwoman

Boss: Penguin, Shreck

Chapter 4: Batman Forever

Level 1: Two-face's Bank Crisis

Summary: Batman and Commissioner Gordon go after Two-face who has attacked a bank.

Characters: Batman, Commissioner Gordon

Boss: Two-face

Level 2: Wayne Industries

Summary: Bruce Wayne checks up on Wayne Industries.

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Lucious Fox

Boss: Edward Nygma

Level 3: Circus Crisis

Summary: Dick Grayson and his brother have to get rid of Two-face's bomb.

Characters: Dick Grayson, Dick's Brother

Boss: Two-face

Level 4: Nygma's Party

Summary: Batman has to stop Two-face.

Characters: Batman, Meridian

Boss: Two-face

Level 5: Manor Attack

Summary: Bruce Wayne and Alfred need to stop Two-face and Riddler.

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Alfred

Boss: Riddler

Level 6: Riddler's Island

Summary: Batman and Robin go to Riddler's Island.

Characters: Batman, Robin

Vehicles: Batwing, Batboat

Boss: Riddler

Boss: Two-face

Chapter 5: Batman and Robin

Level 1: Mr. Frezze

Summary: Ice fight of Mr. Frezze

Character: Batman,Robin

Vehicles: Batblade,Batmobil

Enemies: hockey players

Boss: Mr. Freeze