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LEGO Batman Gotham in Trouble is an alternative sequel to LEGO Batman the video game. It is a video game for the playstation 2, playstation 3, nintendo DS, nintendo DSI, PSP, and a PC game for windows and Xubuntu. It is a rated E for everyone.


Episode 4 Clayface's fury

Episode 5 Ra's Al Ghul

Episode 6 Deathstroke

Episode 7 The Joker is back in town

playable characters





Harvey Dent


Captain Marvel

Green Lantern

Commissioner Gordon


3 months have passed since the joker and Harley Quinn's defeat. Clayface, Hush, Mr Freeze, Firefly, and Two face have escaped from Arkham Asylum and teamed up. They cause Mayhem in Gotham. Gotham is in trouble and its up to Batman and Robin amongst others to stop them.

Episode 4 chapters

Chapter 1 Firefly

Chapter 2 Batman and Nightwing in Gotham

Chapter 3 Freeze!

Chapter 4 Uh oh

Chapter 5 Batman and Nightwing vs Clayface vs Firefly