LEGO Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 1 is a LEGO video game based on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book #1.

LEGO Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Level 1: School Trick

Summary: Wake up and rush downstairs and get ready for school, only to be fooled by Rodrick.

Characters: Greg (Summer), Rodrick (Summer) (Put in to make more Co-op friendly)

Level Type: Puzzle

Level 2: Candy Fool

Summary: Rig Rodrick's backpack with the candy bar and magazine.

Characters: Greg, Manny

Level Type: Puzzle

Level 3: Haunted Home

Summary: Go through the haunted house and beat the Chainsaw Man

Characters: Greg (Sweater), Rowley (Sweater)

Boss: Chainsaw Man (5 Hearts)

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl

Level 4: Homemade Spookiness

Summary: Build the homemade haunted house, and scare the little kids.

Characters: Greg (Sweater), Rowley (Sweater), 2nd Grader

Level Type: Construction

Level 5: Haunted Teens

Summary: Stop the teenagers from attacking Greg and Rowley.

Characters: Greg (Halloween), Rowley (Halloween)

Boss: Teenage Gang Leader (7 Hearts)

Level Type: Puzzle Brawl

Level 6: Singing Wizard

Summary: Beat the other kids in the singing competition by making combos.

Characters: Greg (School), Student

Level Type: Combos

Level 7: Big Wheels

Summary: Try to knock Rowley off the Big Wheel/ or get hit by Greg's football while riding the Big Wheel.

Characters: Greg (Winter), Rowley (Winter)

Vehicles: Big Wheel, Scooter

Level Type: Puzzle, Vehicle Only

Level 8: Safety Patrol

Summary: Convince Mr. Winsky that Greg and Rowley should be part of the Safety patrol.

Characters: Greg (Shcool), Rowley (School)

Level Type: Puzzle

Level 9: A Snow Day

Summary: Build the huge snowball, then push it towards the Whirley Street Kids.

Characters: Greg (Winter), Rowley (Winter), Dad

Boss: Whirley Street Kids: 1 Heart Each

Level Type: Brawl, Puzzle, and Construction

Level 10: Comic Construction

Summary: Find all the pieces to the Zoo-Wee-Mama comic and Creighton the Cretin

Characters: Greg, Rowley, Mom

Level Type: Puzzle, Construction

Level 11: Back Again

Summary: Beat the teenagers in a brawl after they make Rowley eat the cheese.

Characters: Greg, Coach, Rowley

Vehicles: Truck

Boss: Teenager Gang: 5 Hearts Each

Level Type: Brawl

Level 12: Back to Normal

Summary: Beat Rowley in the video game race.

Characters: Greg (Race) Rowley (Race)

Vehicles: Greg's Racing Car, Rowley's Racing Car

Level Type: Vehicle Only, Race

Bonus Level

(Must have completed all story levels, and have every Gold Brick.)

Summary: Help the producers complete the movie!

Characters: Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Jeff Judah, Steve Zahn, Rachel Harris, Devon Bostic, Connor Fielding, Owen Fielding

Vehicles: Movie Van, Bike, Trailer, Steve's Car

Here I will list some other characters not used in levels:

Milkman, School Principal, Bill Watson, The Loded Diper Band, Reporter, Teacher, Neighbor, Bryce Anderson, Chirag, Patty, Colin, Fregley, Holly

Vehicles not in Levels:

Old Man Car, Heffley Car, Loded Diper Van, Roller Skates, and more.