LEGO Harry Potter: The Complete Franchise is a sequel to LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 and LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. Every level is different then the past ones.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Finding Harry

Summary: You have to find Harry and save him from the Dursleys.

Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore

Vehicles: Boat

Enemies: Frogs

Boss: Vernon Dursley (1 heart)

Places: The Dursley's Private Island, The Lake

Level Type: Puzzle, Vehicle

The Magic Begins

Summary: Help Harry get school supplies ast Diagon Alley. Then help Harry find a wand.

Staring Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter (Blue Shirt)

Adding Characters: Griphook, Mr. Olivander

Potions: Exploding Potion

Vehicles: Broom-Car

Enemies: Mean Wizard, Mean Witch

Places: The Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley, Olivander's, Madame Malkin's Robes,Gringotts

Level Type: Puzzle

The Troll Out of the Dungeon

Summary: Save Hermoine from the troll that escaped the dungeon.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasly

Adding Characters: Hermoine Granger

Potions: Stinky Potion

Vehicles: Plunger

Enemies: Troll-Goo, Stairs, Painting

Boss: Troll (3 hearts)

Places: The Grand Staircase, The Girl's Bathroom

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

The Jinked Broom

Summary: Save Harry from the broom that Quirrel jinxed.

Characters: Ron Weasly, Hermoiner Granger

Vehicles: Broom

Enemies: Bully

Places: Quidditch Arena

Level Type: Vehicle, Puzzle, Boss

The Restricted Section

Summary: Go to the Restricted Section to discover who Nicholous Flamel is.

Characters: Harry Potter (Sweater), Ron (Pajamas)

Enemies: Filch, Mrs. Norris, The Monster Book of Monsters

Boss: Filch (4 hearts)

Places: The Restricted Section, The Mirror of Esired Storage Room

Level Type: Puzzle

The Forbidden Forest

Summary: Save Harry from Proffesor Quirrel the forest.

Staring Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasly

Enemies: Moths, Werewolves, Spiders

Boss: Proffesor Quirrel (Cloaked) (5 hearts)

Places: The Forbidden Forest

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Fluffy, a Three-Headed Dog

Summary: Fight Fluffy and find your way to the trap-door.

Characters: Harry (Sweater), Ron (Cardigan), Hermoine (Blue Top)

Enemies: Devil's Snare

Boss: Fluffy (6 hearts)

Places: The Third Floor Corrider, The Room Under the Trap door

Level Type: Puzzle Boss, Puzzle

The Two-Faced Man

Summary: Defeat Proffesor Quirrel and make sure the Sorcerer's Stone is safe.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermoine Granger

Added Characters: White Chess Queen, White Chess King

Vehicles: Broom

Enemies: Devil's Snare, Chess pieces

Boss: Proffesor Quirrel/Voldemort (8 hearts)

Places: The Chamber of Winged Keys, Giant Chessboard, The Mirror of Esired's Second Holding Room

Level Type: Brawl, Vehicle, Boss

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Floo Powder!

Summary: Save Harry from the Dursley's, then find your way out of Knockturn Alley.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter (Red Cardigan), Fred Weasly (Suit), George Weasly (Suit), Ginny Weasly (Grey Top), Percy Weasly (Suit), Arthur Weasly, Molly Weasly, Rubeus Hagrid

Vehicles: The Flying Ford Angilana, Flying Scooter

Enemies: Gnomes, Balloons, Planes

Boss: draco Malfoy (4 hearts)

Places: London Skies, The Burrow, Knockturn Alley, Diagon Alley

Level Type: Vehicle, Puzzle, Puzzle Boss

Dobby's Plan

Summary: Dobby blocked to portal door to Platform 9 and 3/4, so you must get to Hogwarts with the Flying Ford. Then, run away from the cursed bludger.

Vehicles: Fly Ford Angilia (Holds Harry Potter), Flying Scooter (Holds Ron Weasly), Nimbus 2000 (holds Harry Potter), Nimbus 2001 (holds Draco Malfoy)

Enemies: Planes, Balloons, Griffins, Owls

Boss: Dobby (5 hearts) Malfoy (4 hearts)

Places: London Skies, Hogwarts Skies, Quidditch Arena

Level Type: Vehicle Only

Crabbe and Goyle

Summary: Brew the Polyjuice potion, then get clues out of Draco.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermoine Granger

Added Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, both in slitherin

Potions: Polyjuice Potion

Enemies: Slugs, Bully

Places: Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, Slytherin Dungeon

Level Type: Puzzle

Tom Riddle's Diary

Summary: Follow the mysterious memory of Tom Riddle, and find out his plan.

Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle (Memory)

Potions: Strength Potion

Enemies: Bully, Aragog

Places: Hogwarts (memory)

Level Type: Puzzle

Aragog, and the Spiders

Summary: Follow the spiders to Aragog, then run away.

Characters: Harry (Grey Jacket), Ron (Cardigan), Fang

Enemies: Spiders, Werewolf

Vehicles: Flying Ford, Flying Scooter

Boss: Aragog (5 hearts)

Places: The Forbidden Forest

Level Type: Puzzle Boss, Puzzle, Vehicle

The Basilisk

Summary: Save Ginny from the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Gildery Lockhart

Adding Characters: Ginny Weasly

Enemies: Squids, Boulders, Tom Riddle

Potions: Strangth Potion

Boss: The Basilisk (First 3 hearts, then 5, then 7)

Places: The Chamber of Secrets, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom

Level Type: Puzzles, Boss

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

The Knight Bus

Summary: Escape the Dursleys with Stan Shunpike on this magical bus.

Vehicles: The Knight Bus (holds Harry Potter), The Knight Segway (holds Stan Shunpike)

Enemies: Buses, Cars, Cabs, Policecars

Places: Number 4 Pivet Drive, London City

Level Type: Vehicle Only

News From Askaban

Summary: When you arrive at Diagon Alley, help Harry defeat the Monster Book of Monsters, then go on the Hogwarts Express and escape from the dementors.

Staring Characters: Harry Potter, Ron (Grey Jacket), Hermoine Granger (Red Top), Proffesor Lupin

Enemies: Dementors, Monster Briefcases

Boss: The Monster Book of Monsters (4 hearts)

Places: The Hotel Room, The Hogwarts Express

Level Type: Puzzle Boss, Brawl, Puzzle


Summary: Sneak through the secret passage to Hogsemeade, then stop Draco.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter (Grey Jacket), Fred Weasly (Sweater), George Weasly (Sweater)

Adding Characters: Ron Weasly (Brown Jacket), Hermoine Granger (Red Top)

Enemies: Bully, Spiders

Boss: Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle(1 heart each)

Places: Passage to Hogesmeade, Hogsemeade

Level Type: Puzzle Boss, Puzzle

The Maurderer's Map

Summary: Find out were the mysterious Peter Petigrew is.

Characters: Harry Potter (Pajamas), Ron Weasley (Pajamas)

Potions: Invisability Potion

Enemies: Filch, Spiders

Places: Hogwarts (Night), The Restricted Section

Level Type: Puzzle

The Shrieking Shack

Summary: Save Ron from Siruis, but find your way around the Whomping Willow first. Then, catch Scabbers, and find your way away from Werewolf Lupin

Starting Characters: Harry Potter (Grey Jacket), Hermoine Granger (Red Top)

Added Characters: Proffesor Lupin, Siruis Black

Enemies: Scabbers, Devil's Snare, Venomus Tactula, The Whomping Willow

Boss: Professor Lupin Werewolf(9 hearts) The wommping willow (2 hearts)

Places: The Forbidden Forest, The Shrieking Shack

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

The Time-Turner Neckalice

Summary: Go back and time, and save Buckbeak from the commotion.

Characters: Harry Potter (Grey Jacket), Hermoine Granger (Red Top)

Vehicles: Buckbeak, Broom

Enemies: Lupin Werewolf, Dementors

Boss: 12 Dementors (1 heart each)

Places: The Forbidden Forest, Hagrid's Garden

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl

Saving Sirius Black

Summary: Ride Buckbeak to save Sirius from the dementors.

Vehicles: Buckbeak (holds Harry Potter, later Sirius Black), Nimbus 2000 (holds Harry Potter after Sirius comes), Nimbus 2000 (holds Hermoine Granger)

Enemies: Dementors

Boss: Giant Dementor (14 hearts)

Places: The Dark Tower

Level Type: Vehicle Only, Vehicle Boss

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Quidditch World Cup

Summary: First, find your tent at the Quidditch World Cup. Then, find your seats. Then, find your way out of the Death Eater mess, and save everyone.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter (Blue Shirt), Hermoine Granger (Red Top), Ron Weasly (Brown Jacket),

Adding Characters: Arthur Weasly, Molly Weasly, Fred Weasly (Suit), George Weasly(Suit), Ginny Weasly, Percy Weasly (Suit)

Enemies: Death Eaters, Snakes, Bullies

Potions: Invisability Potion

Places: The Quidditch World Cup Campground, The Quidditch World Cup Stadium

Level Type: Brawl, Puzzle


Summary: Find out about the first task of the Twi-wizard Tournement

Starting Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Harry (Blue Shirt)

Enemies: Dragons

Potions: Strength Potion

Places: The Forbidden Forest

Level Type: Puzzle

The First Task

Summary: Escape the Hungarian Horntail, in the first task of the Twiwizard Tournement

Characters: Harry Potter (Dragons Task), hermione granger (red top)

Enemies: Fireballs

Boss: The Hungarian Horntail (3 hearts)

Places: The First Task Stadium, Hogwarts Skies

Level Type: Vehicle, Puzzle

The Golden Egg's Secret

Summary: Find out the secret of this secret of this noisy egg.

Characters: Harry Potter (Swim) , Moaning Myrtle (Bath)

Enemies: Age Line

Potions: Aging Potions

Places: The Bathroom, The Prefect's Bathroom

Level Type: Puzzle

The Second Task

Summary: Float around the Black Lake looking for the special thing that was stolen

Characters: Harry Potter (Swim Suit), Cedric digory (Swim Suit)

Enemies: Merpeople, The Giant Squid, Sea Creatures

The Third Task

Summary: Find your way through this huge maze

Characters: Harry Potter (Maze), Cedric Diggory (Maze)

Enemies: Evil Hedges, Boggart, Sphinx

Places: The Hedge Maze

Level Type: Puzzle

The Rise of the Dark Lord

Summary: Find your way through this crazy dark graveyard, and witness the return of the Dark Lord.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter (Maze), Cedric Diggory (Maze)

Enemies: Death Eaters

Boss: Lord Voldemort Places: Little Hangleton Graveyard

Level Type: Boss ===Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixEdit Magic Outside Of Hogwarts Edit Summary: When at the park with Dudley, a dementor flies in to attack. While trying to escape by attacking the dementor, Mrs. Figg comes to help Harry and Dudley. Characters: Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley, Mrs. Figg=== Unlockable Character Tokens: Mrs. Figg, Dementor

Boss: 2 Dementors (4 Hearts)

Places: The Dursley's Neighbourhood, The Tunnel

Level Type: Puzzle Boss.

The Order of the PhoenixEdit Summary: When Harry gets locked in his room, play as Nymphadora Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, and Remus Lupin to save him. Then, find you way into Number 12, Grimmauld Place and try eavesdropping on the meeting. Characters: Nymphadora Tonks, Mad-Eye-Moody, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasely, Fred Weasley, George Weasley.

Starting characters: Nymphadora Tonks, Mad-Eye-Moody, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter

Adding characters: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasely, Fred Weasley, George Weasley.

Unlockable Character Tokens: Mad-Eye Moody, Ginny Weasley, Remus Lupin Places: 12 Grimmuald Place, The Dursley's House

Level Type: Flying, Puzzle. ===The Ministry of MagicEdit Summary: Go with Arthur Weasly to the Ministry of Magic courtroom, but you first have to find your way. Then, beat Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge, and after that, escape. Characters: Harry Potter, Arthur Weasley (Ministry), Cornelius Fudge, Ministry Workers, Umbridge (Ministry), Dumbledore=== Characters you play: Harry Potter, Arthur Weasley (Ministry) Adding Characters: Dumbledore

Unlockable Character Tokens: Cornelius Fudge, Ministry Worker, Arthur Weasley (Ministry)

Boss: Cornelius Fudge/Dolores Umbridge (5 hearts/3 hearts)

Places: The Ministry of Magic Courtroom, The Ministry of Magic Headquarters, Street

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss ===Dumbledore's ArmyEdit Summary: Gather different members, then help the seperate members get to the Room of Requirement in different groups. And train them to duel Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Seamus Finnigan, Ginny Weasley, Fred and George Weasley, Dean Thomas, Cho Chang. Characters you play: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger=== Unlockable Character Tokens: Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Cho Chang Boss: Draco Malfoy/Dolores Umbridge(6 hearts/5hearts)

Potion:Beautyflying Potion

Places: The Room of Requirement, Hogwarts, Gryffindor common room

Level Type: Puzzle, Collection

Umbridge the Headmaster Edit Summary: Play as Fred and George and work in the Great Hall to get the fireworks set up. Then ride on brooms to escape the Great Hall with the fireworks behind you. Then as Harry, Hermione and Umbridge, get into the forest. Then as Centuars Bane and Ronan, build a trap to capture Umbridge. Then as Harry and Hermione, battle Umbridge until she stumbles into the trap. Characters: Fred Weasley,George Weasley,Harry Potter, Hermione Granger,Dolores Umbridge, Bane, Ronan

Starting Characters: Fred Weasley,George Weasley

New Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione, Dolores Umbridge

End Characters: Bane, Ronan

Unlockable Character Tokens: Dolores Umbridge, Bane, Ronan

Boss: Dolores Umbridge(6 hearts)

Places: Great Hall,The Forbidden Forest

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

Battle at the Department of Mysteries Edit Summary: Ride to the Ministry of Magic and find a way to get into the right room at the Department of Mysteries, Find the correct orb, defeat the Death Eaters at the Department of Mysteries, then defeat Voldemort and stop Lucius Malfoy. Vehicle Present:Thestrals Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley

Next Characters: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Mad Eye Moody End Characters: Harry Potter, Dumbledore

Unlockable Character Tokens:Nymphadora Tonks

Boss: Lucius Malfoy (5 hearts) Lord Voldemort (8 hearts)

Places: The Department of Mysteries, Sky

Level Type: Vehicle, Boss, Brawl, Puzzle

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceEdit Professor SlughornEdit Summary: Find Professor Slughorn in his house, and convince him to come back to Hogwarts. Characters: Harry Potter (Casual), Albus Dumbledore (Casual), Professor Slughorn (disguised gown)

Unlockable Character Tokens: Harry Potter (Casual), Albus Dumbledore (Casual), Professor Slughorn (Disguised Gown)

Places: Mysterious Neighborhood, Mysterious House

Level Type: Puzzle

Death Eater Draco Edit Summary: As Harry and Ron, follow Draco to his compartment then battle him. At the end of the battle Harry is injured and Draco runs away. Before Ron could help him, He's pulled away by Lavender Brown. Then as Harry and Luna, find the entrance to Hogwarts. Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley Added Characters: Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood

Unlockable Character Tokens: Draco Malfoy, Lavender Brown, Ron Weasley (Prefect)

Boss: Draco Malfoy (4 hearts)

Places: The Hogwarts Express Level Type

Puzzle, Puzzle Boss ===Quidditch PracticeEdit Summary: As Harry and Ron, get into the Quidditch Arena and then get into the Broom Shack. Get your brooms and finish quidditch practice by shooting the Quaffle as it comes toward you (Similar to a lesson). Characters: Harry Potter (Quidditch), Ron Weasley (Quidditch), Ginny Weasley (Quidditch)=== Unlockable Character Tokens: Harry Potter (Quidditch), Ron Weasley (Quidditch), Ginny Weasley (Quidditch)

Places: Quidditch Arena

Level Type: Puzzle Harry at Hogwarts Added by Colllin Slughorn's MemoriesEdit Summary: First you confront Professor Slughorn in his false memory, then you have to find Professor Slughorn's real memory, and go into it. Then, help Hagrid bury Aragog. Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, Rubeus Hagrid, Professor Slughorn (pyjamas) Unlockable

Character Tokens: Tom Riddle, Rubeus Hagrid, Professor Slughorn (pyjamas)

Boss: Professor Slughorn (5 hearts)

Places: Professor Slughorn's False Memory, Hogwarts' Gardens, Hagrid's Hut, Professor Slughorn's Real Memory

Level Type: Puzzle B Harry and Neville. Added by Colllin ===Lupin and Dean Thomas Added by Colllin oss Horcrux CaveEdit Summary: Help Harry and Dumbledore find there way in the cave, then use the boat to get across the lake (In 2 player there are 2 boats), and fight the Inferi. Vehicle Present: (2 Boats) Characters: Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore=== Enemies: 15 Inferi Places: Horcrux Island, Horcrux Cave

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl, Vehicle

Death Eaters at Hogwarts Edit Summary: First you have to find the Death Eaters. Then battle Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback. Then, go and stop Snape from getting away (Even though you don't) . Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood Unlockable Character Tokens: Bellatrix Lestrange,Fenrir Greyback,Professor Snape

Boss: Bellatrix Lestrange (10 hearts), Fenrir Greyback (8 hearts), Professor Snape (10 hearts), Draco Malfoy (8 hearts)

Places: Gryffindor Common Room, Great Hall, Hagrid's Hut, Courtyard

Level Type: Brawl, Boss

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)Edit The Seven PottersEdit Summary: In the Dursley home, everyone arrives to take Harry safely to the Burrow. When everyone is disguised as Harry, fight the Death Eaters in the air. Starting Vehicles: Sirius's Flying Motorcycle (it holds Rubeus Hagrid and Harry Potter), Broom (holds Ron Weasley and Nymphodora Tonks) ===Enemies: Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort (Flying). Places: The Du Voldemort, Nagini, and a Death Eater Added by Colllin rsley House, The Sky Potion:Polyjuice Potion Boss: Lord Voldemort (Flying) 6 hearts Level Type: Puzzle, Vehicle, Boss=== Bill and Fleur's Wedding Edit Summary: Attend the Wedding, Defeat the Death Eaters, then escape into London and Battle the Death Eaters in the Cafe. Characters: Harry Potter , Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Cafe Lady

Allies: Bill and Fleur, Wedding guests

Enemies: Death Eaters

Potions: None

Boss: Cafe Death Eaters

Places: The Burrow Wedding Tent , London, Cafe

Infiltration of the Ministry Edit Summary: Infiltrate the Ministry, get the Horcrux and save the Muggle-Borns Characters: Harry Potter (Disguise), Hermione Granger (Disguise), Ron Weasely (Disguise)

Enemies: Death Eaters, Dementors

Boss:Dolores Umbridge (6 Hearts)

Places: Ministry of Magic, Bathroom Entrance

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss ===Godric's Hollow Edit Summary: As Harry and Hermione, go to Godric's Hollow. Look for the clues on the gravestones in order to find Harry's parents grave in the graveyard. And Battle Nagini. Characters you play: Harry Potter (Winter), Hermione Granger (Winter) Characters: Harry Potter(Winter), Hermione Granger (Winter),=== Boss: Nagini (3 Hearts) Places: Godric's Hollow Graveyard, Bathilda's House

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Godric Gryffindor's Sword Edit Summary: Set up camp in the Forest of Dean. Follow the Silver Doe, then you meet Ron. With Ron, get the Sword of Gryffindor out of the lake, and Destroy the Horcrux. Characters: Harry Potter(Winter), Hermione Granger(Winter), Ron Weasley(Winter)

Allies: Silver Doe

Boss: Riddle Harry, Riddle Hermione

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

The Lovegood Home Edit Summary: Find a way to ring the bell on Xenophilius's door, then enter his house, Defeat the Death Eaters and Escape the Snatchers. Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley Added Characters: Xenophilius Lovegood

Places: Lovegood Home, Woods Enemies: Death Eaters, Snatchers

Boss(es): Death Eaters, Fenrir Greyback

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Malfoy Manor Edit Summary: Harry, Ron and Hermione are captured and taken to the Malfoy Manor, where Bellatrix attacks Hermione and locks Harry and Ron in the cellar. Help Harry Ron and the prisoners escape and save Hermione. Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Griphook, Luna Lovegood, Ollivander, Dobby Enemies: Death Eaters, Malfoy's

Boss: Peter Pettigrew, Bellatrix Lestrange

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss ===Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2)Edit Gringotts Break in Edit Summary: Retrieve Helga Hufflepuff's cup from the Lestrange Vault at Gringotts. Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger (Bellatrix Disguise), Ron Weasley Allies: Griphook=== Character Tokens Hermione Granger (Bellatrix Disguise)

Enemies: Goblins

Hazards: Blades, Fire, Multiplying gold:

Polyjuice Potion Boss: Dragon

Places: Gringotts

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Hiding at Hogsmeade Edit Summary: Go to Hogsmeade, Avoid the Death Eaters and find Aberforth in the Hogshead. Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger Enemies: Death Eaters, Dementors

Hazards: Snow Balls

Allies: Goats, Aberforth

Places: Hogsmeade Streets , Hogshead

Level type: Puzzle

The Grey Lady

Summary: In the Great Hall, battle the Carrows and Snape, Then find the Grey Lady and persuade her to tell you were the Diadem is.

Characters: Harry,mcgonnagal, Luna Places: Great Hall, Transfiguaration Courtyard

Boss: Carrows, Snape, (3 hearts) (6 hearts)

Allies: Gryffindor Students, Grey Lady

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

Return to the Chamber of Secrets

Summary: Make your way through the Chamber of Secrets, Destroy the Horcrux and escape the rising Water

Characters: Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger

Places: Chamber of Secrets Enemies: snakes

Hazards: Water

Boss: Riddle Harry

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

The Battle of Hogwarts part 1 Summary:Defend Hogwarts, Stop the Death Eaters from killing the students and defeat Fenrir Greyback Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger, Neville Longbottom

Adding Characters: Kingsley Shacklebolt

Allies: Armor Suits, Hogwarts Students Enemies: Death Eaters, Dementors, Giants, Giant Spiders

Hazards: Fire

Boss: Fenrir Greyback Places: Hogwarts

Level Type: Brawl, Boss

Battle in The Room of Requirment Summary: Stop Gregory Goyle from bringing Harry to Voldemort in the Room of Requirment. Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger Adding Characters: Draco Malfoy

Allies: None

Enemies: Feind Fyre (Fire Monsters)

Hazards: Fire, Blades

Boss: Gregory Goyle

Places: Room of Requirment

Level Type: Brawl, Boss ===Ressurection Stone Summary: Find the Ressurection Stone and bring the ghosts of James, Lily, Sirius, and Lupin back and surrender to Voldemort. Characters: Harry Potter, Lily Evans (Ghost), James Potter (Ghost), Sirius Black (Ghost), Remus Lupin (Ghost).=== Enemies: Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, Death Eaters.

Boss: Lord Voldemort

Places: Forbidden Forest

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

the battle of hogwarts part 2 Summary: defeat all the Death Eaters and stop Bellatrix from killing Ginny and defeat and kill her. Characters: Ginny Weasly, Molly Weasly

Adding Characters: Arthur Weasley, Horace Slughorn

Unlockable Character Tokens: Bellatrix Lestrange

Allies: Hogwarts Students

Hazards: Curses

Enemies: Death Eaters

Boss: Bellatrix Lestrange

Level Type: Brawl, Boss

the last horxrux Summary: On the Hogwarts Staircase, Find Nagini and kill Her. Characters: Ron, Hermione,neville

Places Hogwarts StairCase

Boss: Nagini

Level Type: Boss

Only one can Win Summary: Since all the Horcruxes are destroyed,battle and kill Voldemort once and for all. Playable Character:Harry Potter (Torn Clothes), Ron Weasley (Torn Clothes)

Hazards: Falling off Hogwart's Roof Tops

Place: Hogwarts Staircase, Hogwarts Roof Tops, Courtyard

Boss: Lord Voldemort (20 hearts)

Level Type: Boss Unlockable Character Tokens:Lord Voldemort