LEGO Iron Man is A Lego Game based off the Three Iron Man films with Robert Downey Jr. Each Film section has 12 Levels in them, so twelve for the First,twelve for the Second And twelve for the Third!

IRON MAN 1 levels

1. Escape

Story: Escape The Cave, First Build the Mark one Armour, you will have to find iron peices within the cave, then escape in the Mark One Armour.

Starting Characters: Tony Stark( Captive), Yinsen

Ending Characters : Iron Man( Mark 1), Yinsen

Enemies: Gaurds

End Boss: Raza

Level Type: Puzzle/Rush/boss

2. I Need My American Burger

Story: tony stark is back in america, get him to burger king then a press confrence in time!

Veichals: Limo( holding Driver and Pepper Potts, Audi R8 holding Tony Stark( Press confrence).

Ending Characters: Tony Stark( Press confrence), Pepper Potts.

Enemies: Car, Motobikes, Buses, stark haters

End Boss: Stark Hater

Level Type: Veichal/Boss.

3. Jarvis

Story: Build the mark 2, explore tonys house and find pecies to make the armour.

Characters: Tony Stark( Working), Stark Robotic

Level Type: Free roam/ Explore

4. First Flight

Story: test out the mark 2 in flight, battle drone, destroy stark missles and test out the flight capobillities.

Characters: Iron Man( Mark 2) , Iron Man test suit( co-op play only)

Enemies: Stark missiles, Tester Drones

Boss: Stark Drone

Level type: flying