LEGO Pac-Man: A-MAZE-ing Adventures is the first LEGO Pac-Man game. It's based on the Pac-Man Maze sub-series of video-games.


On the planet Pac-World a war between ghosts and Pac-People has raged for centuries. But this is by no means your average war. Ghosts attack by hunting down there opponents like animals, while the Pac-People fight back by munching Power-Pellets and "eating-up" the enemy. However when the war is taken to mazes their instincts take over, leaving them to take choice in their pathways while hoping the enemy isn't waiting around that corner!



Play through the originals.

  • They Meet(Playable Characters:Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man)
  • Pac-Plus(Playable Characters:Pac-Man(Super), Miru, & Chomp-Chomp)
  • Child's Play(Playable Characters:Pac-Man Jr. Lucy & Yum-Yum)
  • VR Trial(Playable Characters:Pac-Man(First-Person style) & Chomp-Chomp(First-Person style))
  • Arrangement(Playable Characters:Pac-Man & Chomp-Chomp)


A vivid world with ghost swarming around.

  • Intro(Pac-Man & Miru)
  • Blocktown(Pac-Man & Lucy)
  • Pac-Park(Pac-Man & Chomp-Chomp)
  • Sandbox Land(Pac-Man & Pac-Man Jr.)
  • Jungle Steps(Pac-Man & Ms.Pac-Man

Pac-Man: Adventures in Time

Pac-Man travels through the history(& future) of Pac-World to defeat mollusc.

  • Prehistoric Pac-World(Pac-Man & a Neander-Pac)
  • Pac-Egypt(Pac-Man & a Pac-Anubis)
  • Pac-West(Pac-Man & a Pac-Sheriff)
  • Medieval Times(Pac-Man & Sir Pac-A-Lot)
  • Future(Pac-Man & a Pac-Alien)

Ms. Pac-Man's Quest

Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. set out to stop Mesmerelda from warping across Pac-World.

  • Cleopactra's Desert
  • Ice Caverns
  • Pac-Ping Harbor
  • Hallowe'en
  • Mesmerelda's Lair(Two Bosses: Goblin then Mesmerelda.)


Pay through the CE games as Pac-Man(Champ) and Junior(Champ).