LEGO South Park: The Video Game release in a 2014.

Level 1: Stan's House

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Kenny and Eric Cartman. BOSS: Shelly Marsh.

Level 2: Bathroom

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Kenny and Eric Cartman. BOSS: Josh Meyers.

Level 3: Kitchen

Playable: Stan Marsh. BOSS: Terrance Mephesto and Fosse.

Level 4: Bedroom

Playable: Stan Marsh, Butters, Kyle and Eric Cartman.

Level 5: Outdoor

Playable: Stan Marsh, Butters, Kyle, Kenny and Eric Cartman. BOSS: The Mole and Gregory.

Level 6: Playground

Playable: Stan Marsh, Lola, Wendy Testaburger, Clyde, Kyle, Red, Kenny and Eric Cartman. BOSS: 6th Grader Leader.

Level 7: Corner Store

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Wendy Testaburger, Clyde Donovan, Eric Cartman and Lola. BOSS: Davie (6th Graders).

Level 8: Toy Shop

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Butters, Dog Poo, Bebe, Wendy and Clyde. BOSS: Loogie.

Level 9: Bad Guy Chase

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Wendy, Clyde, Lola, Dog Poo, Butters and Eric Cartman. BOSS: Bad Guy's Car

Level 10: Living Room

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Wendy, Clyde, Lola, Eric Cartman and Butters.

Level 11: Party Club

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Wendy, Lola, Jessie, Kal, Karen McCormick and Eric Cartman. BOSS: Kevin McCormick

Level 12: Thomas Attack

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Eric Cartman, Lola, Wendy, Clyde, Dog Poo and Gary Harrison. BOSS: Thomas.

Level 13: Scott Shooting

Playable: Jessie, Lola, Wendy, Stan, Dog Poo, Clyde, Patty Nelson, Kyle and Bruno. BOSS: Scott Malkinson

Level 14: KFC

Playable: Bruno, Stan, Kyle, Lola, Wendy, Clyde, Jessie, Dog Poo and Red. BOSS: Billy Miller

Level 15: Candy Store

Playable: Bruno, Dog Poo, Lola, Jessie, Clyde and Wendy.

Level 16: Tuong Lu Kim

Playable: Francis, Dog Poo, Jessie, Lola, Bradley, Wendy and Clyde BOSS: Tuong Lu Kim

Level 17: Leroy's Frogs

Playable: Stan, Kyle, Dog Poo, Wendy, Lola, Clyde and Jessie. BOSS: Leroy

Level 18: Filmore

Playable: Stan, Kyle, Dog Poo, Wendy, Clyde, Francis, Lola, Jessie and Bradley. BOSS: Filmore

Level 19 Tommy Turner

Playable: Jessie, Lola, Clyde, Dog Poo and Francis. BOSS: Tommy Turner

Level 20 Goth Kids

Playable: Jessie, Lola, Dog Poo, Francis, Bradley, Gary and Karen. BOSS: Goth Kids

Level 21: Thad

Playable: Stan, Kyle, Dog Poo, Clyde, Wendy, Lola, Jessie, Francis, Bradley and Gary Harrison. BOSS: Thad

Level 22: Basment

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Eric Cartman, Lola, Jessie, Wendy, Clyde and Dog Poo. BOSS: Damien

Level 23: Lego Universe

Playable: Stan Marsh, Kyle, Eric, Lola, Jessie, Wendy, Clyde, Dog Poo, Terrance, and Phillip. BOSS: Lego King.


1. Josh Meyers dies.

2. Kenny was killed by a 6th Grader Leader.

3. Dog Poo punch 6th Grader Leader before 6th Grader Leader's head come off and bleed.

4. Lola use her lazer to shot Loogie and Loogie knocked his head off.

5. Stan Marsh take Kevin McCormick's arms off before Kevin McCormick dies.

6. Clyde cut Thomas's legs off and Then Thomas dies..

7. Scott Malkinson lost his hands and then he dies.

8. Biller Miller was shoot by a Lola and Dog Poo.

9. Tuong Lu Kim's body comes off and dies.

10. Filmore's head popped off.

11. Thad Dies.

12. Tommy Turner's head off.

13. Goth Kids was killed by a Lola, Jessie, Dog Poo and Francis.

14. Shelly Marsh dies.

15. Bill's arm shrink.

16. Terrance Mephesto's head explodes.

17. Fosse's teeth explodes.

18. The Mole's face melt.

19. Gregory's body melt.

20. Damien is melting.

21. Lego King gets thrown off his castle.

Characters Cost

  • Pip costs 40,000


  • This is the first South Park thing rated T for Teen. The word "Fuck" is only said 2 times. Characters mostly say Damn, Gay, Freaking, and Stupid.
  • Some LEGO Castle stuff is featured in the final level.
  • Cartman is a fat character.