The Boy In The Iceberg

Characters:Aang,Katara,katara,sokka and appa

Summary: You found the avatar :o now you must find a 6

footed bizon then go back to the southern water tribe then go pinguin sledding with katara

The Avatar Returns

Characters:Aang,Katara,Sokka,Aang(Avatar Trance

Summary:Zuko Attacks! you must defend the tribe with sokka then escape zuko's ship as aang and fight Zuko

as aang then defeat zuko's henchmen as katara

and then destroy zuko's ship as aang in avatar trance

Boss:Zuko(5 hearts)

The Southern Air Temple

Characters:Aang,Katara,Sokka,Appa,Momo and Zuko

Summary:First Fly with,Appa to the southern air temple then explore the temple as Aang,katara, and sokka then race against sokka as aang for an animal that aang wants'to call momo Then fight Zhao as Zuko

Boss: Admiral Zhao(8 Hearts)

The Warriors Of Kyoshi

Characters:Aang,Katara,Sokka,Suki and an kyoshi warrior

Summary:First ride the giant fishes as aang then go training with Suki as Sokka

and then fight Sokka As Suki then defeat the unagi as aang then go save aang as katara then

defeat 20 fire soldiers as the kyoshi warrior

then fight zuko as suki and final ride the unagi as aang

Boss(es):Sokka(3 hearts)unagi(10 hearts)Zuko(5 hearts)

The King Of Omashu


Summary: First you ride the mail car then do the first task then the second then fight bumi

Boss:Bumi(10 hearts)


Characters:Aang,Katara,Haru,Tyro,Sokka, Earth kingdom prisoner,Appa

Summary: First you Must follow the mysterious boy as Sokka,aang and katara then

save the old man as Haru Then ride Appa as Aang to go save Katara And Haru

Then find your way to katara as aang

and then defeat 30 fire soldiers as aang,sokka and an earth kingdom prisoner

and final defeat the guard as Katara,Haru and Tyro

Boss:Prison guard(7 hearts)