Level one: Roller Rink Trobule

Characters: Greg (Skates), Rowley (Skates)

Impress Holly with roller skating. Get 5 hearts from Holly

Level two: Soccer Match

Chracters: Greg (soccer), Rowley soccer), Chirag (soccer ), Fregley (soccer


Win the Match!...and Impress Holly...

Boss: Patty Farewell (4 heart)

Level three: Home Party

Characters: Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson (to part 1), Rodrick Heffley (Party) (beetween part 2)

Escape from the basement and clean up after the party

Level four: Chirag Revenge

Characters: Greg Heffley (School), Rowley Jefferson (School)

Do not give up of Chirag

Boss: Chirag (1 heart)

Level five: Rodrick Joke

Characters: Greg Heffley (Hood), Rodrick Heffley (Hood)

Escape before Coach Maclone

Boss: Coach Maclone (6 hearts)

Level six: Nursing home

Characters: Greg (naked), Granddad

Recover Diary!

Boss: Mature Lady (3 hearts), Security oficer (4 hearts), Rodrick Heffley (10 hearts) Level 7 coming soon

All Characters:

- Seventh-Grader,


- Seventh-Grader