LEGO Disney's Tarzan: The Video Game is an upcoming LEGO video game version of an animated film by Walt Disney Pictures and was based on a story "Tarzan of the Apes" by Edgar Rice Burroughs with child-friendly humour. It will be released on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PS3, and XBOX 360 in the sometime in 2015.

Characters in LEGO style

  • Tarzan (Human, Baby, Child and Adult)
  • Terk (Gorilla)
  • Jane Porter (Human)
  • Prof. A. Porter (Human)
  • Kala (Gorilla)
  • Kerchak (Gorilla)
  • Clayton (Human)
  • Clayton's Thugs (Human)
  • Sabor (Leapord)
  • Tantor (Pachyderm)
  • Tarzan's Mom and Dad (Human)


  • In the cutscene of the game, when Sabor the female leapord appears which freaks Tarzan out, Tarzan finds a weapon to kill her. He gets a hammer which it made Tarzan shook his head as a no, then he gets a pirate's sword, but Tarzan was shocked that it was the wrong weapon, so he replaced it with an axe that scares Tarzan, then replaced it with a spear which it amazes him, then starts to fight with her.
  • Voices from the movie can be spoken by the Mini-Figures.
  • Phil Collins' song "Two Worlds (End Credits version)" and "You'll Be in my Heart (Phil verison)" can be heard only in the end credits and Mark Mancina's score from the real movie can be heard, and the reprise of "Two Worlds" can be heard at the game's cutscene finale where Tarzan and Jane got together happily with tree boarding, then Tarzan's yell, and a LEGO Phil Collins appears when he finished "his" game and waves goodbye to the player. Especially the game includes "Son of Man" by Phil Collins which it can be heard in the cutscene that Tarzan learned new skills and grows up in to strong man.
  • In the intro scene, Phil Collins' song "Two worlds (movie version, instrumental)" can heard where Tarzan as a baby and his human parents arrived to Africa, built a treehouse. Night, Sabor steals the baby gorilla from Kala and Kerchak. The next day, Kala hears Baby Tarzan crying, ran into the treehouse, and sees Baby Tarzan, smiles at him, sweetly and takes him to the gorillas' nesting grounds.
  • All the songs from the movie can be used for the game.