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Lego Doctor Who is a lego game allowing you to play through The Doctor's greatest adventures in three of his regenerations.


Ninth Doctor:

Rose: With help from Rose Tyler, fight the Nestene Conciousness and save London.

World War Three: Go to Downing Street and fight the Slitheen!

Dalek: Escape from the Cage while being chased by a Dalek.

The Long Game: Explore Satelite 9 and get to Floor 500.

The Empty Child: Fight through World War Two London while fighting Gas-Mask Zombies.

The Parting of the Ways: Fight the Daleks out of Satelite 9, or die trying.

Tenth Doctor:

The Runaway Bride: With help from Donna Noble, save Christmas from the Racnoss.

Smith and Jones: With help from Martha Jones, save the hospital from the Judoon.

The Lazurus Experiment: Save the guests from the deadly Lazarus Monster!

Utopia: Fight the Futurekind and discover the truth about Professor Yana...

Last of the Time Lords: Fight the Master and save Earth.

The End of Time: Fight to save the Earth from an insane Time Lord!

Eleventh Doctor:

The Eleventh Hour: Find Prisoner Zero and save the Earth... Ib twenty minutes.

Victory of the Daleks: Attempt to stop the Daleks rebuilding their army.

Vampires of Venice: Fight to save Venice from vampire fish.

Cold Blood: Defend Earth from the Silurian revolution.

The Big Bang: Fight all the Doctor's enemies and stop the TARDIS from exploding.

The Impossible Astronaut: Fight an enemy who are forgotten whenever you look away from them. Improbable, pretty much.


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