It Lets You Play As Your Favorite Kingdom or castle Chararcters


Episode 1 Stop The Wizard

Episode 2 Capult Showdown

Episode 3 The Final Battle

Episode 4 Save The Princess


Episode 1:Wizard Shinanigans

Episode 2:Raid the Fort

Episode 3:The Final Showdown

Episode 4:Defend the Fort


Stop the Wizard:

Level 1: The Evil Force

Characters:Knight, Worker

Plot:The Knight is doing his daily patrol, and he sees a weird big black shadow coming toward the kingdom. The worker also sees it so they both go to the feild out side of the kingdom to hold it off.

Enemies:Shadow Warrior,BOSS:Shadow Knight

Level 2: The Intruder


Plot:The Knight and Worker report to the King telling him about what happened. Then the King promotes the worker to become a warrior. Now they have to look for any signs of suspicious activity. They find the Black Market and see a wizard there. Wizards were not allowed to be in the city so he attacked them.


Level 3: The Nightly Guard

Characters:Knight(Guard Armor), Worker(Guard Armor)

Plot:The Wizard breaks out of jail and the Knight and Worker are trying to haul him back in.


Level 4: The Outcasts

Characters:Knight(Prisoner), Worker(Prisoner)

Plot:The Knight and Worker got arrested because they were accused of slacking on the job. Now they are trying to bust out.

Enemies:Prisoner, Guard, BOSS:Head Guard

Level 5: Spying

Characters:Knight(Wizard), Worker(Wizard)

Plot:The Knight and Worker go spying on the wizard villiage to prove thier innocence and get the King to proclaim war.

Enemies:Witch, Wizard(Green),Wizard(Blue),Wizard(Red),BOSS:Wizard

Level 6: This Means War

Characters:Knight, Worker(Armor), King(Armor)

Plot:The Knight and the Worker went to the King to tell him their info. Then finally he proclaimed war.

Enemies:Witch, Wizard(Blue),Wizard(Green),Wizard(Red),BOSS:Wizard


Level 1:The Battle Rages On

Characters:Knight(Battle Damaged),Worker(Damaged Armor),King(Damaged Armor)

Plot:The King and His men have not stopped fighting for 3 days. Now they have to kill the Wizard once and for all.

Enemies:Witch, Wizard(Blue), Wizard(Green), Wizard(Red), BOSS:Wizard

Level 2:The Journey Begins

Characters:Knight, Worker(Sword)

Plot:The Knight and the Worker were sent by the King to go and negotiate with the Skeliton King.

Enemies:Tree Nymphs,BOSS:Troll

Level 3:The Troll Army

Chacters:Knight(Battle Damaged),Worker(Torn Clothes)

Plot:The Knight and the Worker have been traveling for 3 weeks and go to the Skeliton Castle to talk with the Skeliton King when things get out of hand.

Enemies:Skeliton Warrior,BOSS:Skeliton King

Level 4:The Catipult Launch


Plot:The King and the Captian of the Knights are taking their Army to save the Knight and the Worker from the Skeliton Castle.

Enemies:Skeliton Warrior, Skeliton Warrior(Armor), BOSS:Skeliton King

Level 5:The Skull Escape

Characters:King(Armor), Captain, Knight(Prisoner), Worker(Prisoner)

Plot:The King and the Captian got into the castle so now they have to break out the Knight and the Worker.