Lego The Kane Chronicles: The Video Game is a video game based on the tilogy by Rick Riordan. The hub is Brooklyn House for the good guys and the Red Pyramid for the bad guys. You can unlock full explroing opportunities after you tame Freak. You can go around London and visit the Waterloo Station. You can play as characters from Amos Kane to Zia Rashid as you play your way towards destroying Chaos.

Lego The Kane Chronicles: The Video Game




Wii, 3DS, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii-U





The Red Pyramid

Level 1: The Museum

Summary: When the Kanes visit the British Museum, gods are released and nothing is the same.

Characters: Carter, Sadie, Julius Kane

Spells learned: Ha-wi (strike an enemy) Hi-nehm (build) I-ei (summon)

Boss: Set (fiery form) (4 hearts)

Level 2: Brooklyn House

Summary: Carter and Sadie are brought to Brooklyn House and uncover secrets. Then go through the Duat on a boat.

Characters: Carter, Sadie, Doughboy, Khufu

Spells learned: Ha-di (destroys silver objects)

Bosses: Serpopards

Level 3 The House of Life

Summary: Carter and Sadie, along with Sadie's pet-turned-god, must fight oppositon to get to the first nome.&nbsp Characters: Carter, Sadie, Bast, Zia

Spells learned: W'peh (Opens doors), Seven ribbons

Boss: Serqet

Level 4: Killer Fruit Bats

Summary: Carter and Sadie break into Dejardins' house to find how to beat Set.

Characters: Carter, Sadie, Bast, Khufu

Level 5: The Feather of Truth

Summary: Carter and Sadie sail to the Underworld to get the feather of truth

Characters: Sadie, Bast, Carter

Level 6: Evil Day

Summary: While searching for Set's secret name, Carter, Sadie, and Bast meet unpleasant opposition then a climactic battle ensues as Carter and Sadie try to get their dad back and defeat Set.

Characters: Carter (Horus), Sadie (Isis), Amos, Zia

Spells Learned: Tongues of Fire

Bosses: Desjardins, Sehkmet, Set

The Throne of Fire

Level 1: The First Scroll

Summary: Sneak into the Museum and steal the first scroll.

Characters: Carter, Sadie, Walt, Jaz

Spells Learned: Hah-ri (stops an enemy for a few seconds), Healing Spell

Boss: Griffin (Freak)

Level 2: Chaos in London

Summary: Defeat Nekhbet & Babi then get saved by Bes.

Characters: Sadie, Liz, Emma, Bes

Spells Learned: Glamor (confuses mortals)

Bosses: Nekhbet and Babi

Level 3: Russian away from Vladimir

Summary: Steal the second scroll then run away from Vlad's Monster.

&nbsp Characters: Carter, Sadie

Boss: Vlad's monster (3 hearts)

Level 4: Waking Zia

Summary: Go rescue Zia and defeat Vladimir Menshikov and Michel Desjardins.

Characters: Carter, Bes, Zia

Boss: Vladimir Menshikov (3 hearts)

Level 5: The Third Scroll

Summary: Find the third scroll.

Characters: Sadie, Walt

Adding Characters: Ptah

Spells learned: A'max (burns enemies)

Level 6: Journey Through the Duat

Summary: Explore the Duat then go to the Eight House and win three extra hours from the Khonsu and give up Bes' ren.

Characters: Carter, Sadie, Bes, Tarawet

Boss: Khonsu

Level 7: An Impossible Promise

Summary: Defeat Apophis then go to Brooklyn House and defeat the demons.

Characters: Carter, Sadie, Desjardins (Old), Ra

Adding Characters: Amos, Jaz, Zia, Walt

Spells Learned: Banishing Spell

Boss: Vladimir Menshikov (Apophis)

Enemies: Demons, Sarah Jacobi, Rebels, Kwai

The Serpent's Shadow: Part I

Level 1: The Texan Tut

Summary: Go with JD Grissom through the museum and protect the scroll from Apophis's attacks

Characters: Sadie, Carter, Walt, Khufu, Felix, Alyssa,

Spells Learned: Drowah (Boundary), Ma'at (Restore Order)

Enemies: Apophis

Locations: Texas

Level 2: A Dance with Death

Summary: Explore BAG and defeat Shu.

Characters: Anubis, Sadie

Boss: Shu (3 hearts)

Locations: B. A. G.

Level 3: Attack on Thoth's Pyramid

Summary: Go to the first nome and talk to Amos. Then help Thoth defeat the demons.

Characters: Sadie, Leonid

Adding Characters: Zia (Commando), Amos (Cheif Lector)/ Carter, Walt

Enemies: Demons

Locations: Thoth's Pyramid

Level 4: The Hall of Judgement

Summary: Go to the judgement court and free Setne. Then defeat the giant hippo with help from Hapi.

Characters: Carter, Zia (Commando), Setne

Adding Characters: Hapi

Boss: Giant Hippo (3 hearts)

Locations: The Duat, The Hall of Judgement

Spells Learned: Tas (Binds the 7 ribbons) Hapi u-ha ey pwah (Summons Hapi [in rivers])

The Serpent's Shadow: Part II

Level 1: Laser Bulls & Hunting Games

Summary: Go with Setne to retrieve the Book of Thoth and battle the Apis Bull. Then defeat Neithe and find Bes' shadow.

Characters: Zia (Commando), Carter (Ripped Shirt), Setne

Adding Characters: Sadie, Walt (Cursed)

Boss: Nithe (5 hearts), Apis Bull (1 heart)

Locations: Sais, Apis Burial Chamber

Spells Learned: Walt & Sadie's Charms, Fah (Releases the 7 ribbons)

Level 2: Bloodstained Blade's Betrayal

Summary: Defeat Bloodstained Blade on The Egyptian Queen.

Characters: Carter (Ripped Shirt), Zia (Khepri)

Boss: Bloodstained Blade (3 hearts)

Spells Learned: Maw (Summons water)

Locations: The Egyptian Queen

Level 3: The Land of Demons

Summary: Go to the land of the Demons and defeat Setne. Then capture Apophis' shadow.

Characters: Carter (Demon), Zia (Demon), Setne (Demon)

Enemies: Demons

Adding Characters: Sadie, Bes

Locations: The Land of Demons, The Sea of Chaos

Level 4: Defeating the Rebels

Summary: Defeat the rebels and save Amos.

Characters: Carter (Pharaoh), Sadie, Walt (Anubis), Amos (Set)

Enemies: Rebels

Boss: Sarah Jacoby & Kwai (5 hearts)

Locations: The Hall of Ages, The First Nome

Spells Learned: Sa-hei (Bring Down)

Level 5: Leveling the Duat

Summary: Execrate Apophis and free Ra/Zia.

Characters: Carter (Pharaoh), Sadie

Boss: Apophis (9 hearts)

Enemies: Chaos

Locations: Giza, The Duat

Spells Learned: Se-kebeb (Make Cold)


  • Carter- Variations: Horus, injured, Duat; Abilities: turn into falcon
  • Sadie- Variations: Isis, Duat; Abilities: turn into kite
  • Julius Kane- Variations: Osiris
  • Ruby Kane (Ghost)
  • Doughboy
  • Khufu
  • Philip of Macedonia (rideable)
  • Freak (rideable)
  • Bast- Abilities: god spots, cat transformation
  • Zia- Variations: shabti, Nephtys, commando; Abilities: fireballs
  • Walt- Variations: Anubis, cursed; Abilities: Amulets, Curse
  • Jaz- Abilities: Healing
  • Cleo- Abilities: turn people into books
  • Felix- Abilities: conjure penguins, Se-kebeb
  • Alyssa- Abilities: shabti
  • Cleo
  • Shelby
  • Setne- Abilities: persuasive speech
  • Bast- Abilities: god spots, cat transformation
  • Bes- Abilities: god spots, BOO!
  • Set- Variations: fiery form; Abilities: god spots, Sandstorm
  • Ptah- Variations: Farmer; Abilities: god spots, Creativity
  • Leroy
  • Iskandar
  • Michel Desjardins- Variations: old; Abilities: execration
  • Ra- Variations: young; Abilities: god spots, sunlight blast
  • Museum Guard
  • Isis- Abilities: god spots, turn into kite
  • Horus- Abilities: god spots, turn into falcon
  • Babi/Gramps- Abilities: god spots
  • Nekhbet/Gran- Abilities: god spots
  • Serquet- Abilities: god spots, scorpion attack
  • Sekhmet- Abilities: god spots
  • Nephthys- Abilities: god spots, Maw
  • Anubis- Variations: jackal; Abilities: god spots,
  • Tawaret- Abilities: god spots, Healing
  • Thoth- Abilities: god spots, Can summon things from lab coat
  • Shu- Abilities: god spots, Wind tornado
  • Hapi- Abilities: god spots,
  • Apophis- Abilities: god spots, Isfet
  • Vladimir Menshikov- Variations: Apophis; Abilities: Isfet
  • Disturber
  • Leonid
  • Death to Corks
  • Bloodstained Blade
  • Guillotine Demon
  • Face of Horror
  • Sarah Jacoby
  • Kwai
  • Liz
  • Emma
  • Anne Grissom
  • JD Grissom
  • Mad Claude