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the capture:

Chapter 1: the march. after Soren and Gylfie ae taken to St. Aggie's, they must march under the full moon and avoid getting moon blinked, then fight the owls who discover them.

Characters: Soren, Gylfie.

Chapter 2: Moon Scalding. survive moon scalding without losing your memory.

Characters: Soren (plucked), Gylfie (Plucked)

Chapter 3: Pit Battle. when Soren and Gylfie are talking to hortense, they are discovered by Skench, Spoorn, Jatt, Jutt, and Auntie, but get help from Streak and Zan.

Characters: Soren, Gylfie, Hortense, Streak, Zan.

Boss: Auntie (4 hearts)

Chapter 4: bat arrival. fight the vampire bats in the gladicium.

Characters: Soren, Gylfie

chapter 5: battle at the library. after grimble teaches soren and gylfie how to fly, they are attacked by skench in the library.

Characters: Soren, Gylfie, Grimble.

boss: Skench (6 hearts)

Chapter 6: desert escape. soren and gylfie escape st. aggies, but they are pursued by jatt and jutt.

Characters: soren, gylfie.

boss: jatt, jutt (3 hearts each)

the journey:

chapter one: the bobcat. break into the bobcat's cave, then grab battle claws and fight it.

characters: soren gylfie characters: soren, gylfie, twilght, digger

boss: bobcat (6 hearts)

chapter two: crow attack. fight the crows that attack on your way to the great ga'hoole tree.

characters: soren, gylfie, twilight, digger

chapter three: sea flight. fly over the sea of hoolemere in the ice-cold winds and get to the great ga'hoole tree

characters: soren (iced), gylfie (iced), twilight (iced), digger (iced)

chapter four: chaw evaluations. soren and gylfie are evaluated for the chaws.

characters: soren, gylfie. chapter five: chaw training:soren and otulissa train for the colliering chaw. characters: soren, otulissa. chapter six: the great downing. find fallen owlets who for some reason have been dropped. characters: twilight, digger. the rescue: chapter one: the hurricane. on a chaw mission, soren and martin encounter a hurricane. characters: soren, martin. chapter two:the spirit woods. soren and otulissa battle scrooms to get to his parents so that they can give him information. characters: soren, otulissa. chapter three: the rouge smith of silverviel. get to silverviel,then battle the rouge smith. characters: soren, gylfie, twilight, digger. boss: the rouge smith of silverviel (5 hearts) chapter four: castle exploration. find your way to the castle, then fight off the pure ones in there. characters: soren, gylfie, twilight, digger, otulissa, eglantine. chapter five: the devil's triangle. try to free ezylryb from the devil's triangle without getting trapped yourself.

Characters: Soren, Gylfie, Twilight, Digger, Otulissa, Eglantine.

Chapter 6: Metal Beak. battle Metal Beak and his troops after they arrive.

Characters: Soren, Gylfie, Twilight, Digger, Otulissa, Eglantine

Boss: Metal beak (10 hearts)