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Lego Percy Jackson The Video Game

The Lightning Thief

1. I accidentally vaporize my maths teacher

Characters: Percy (Yancy), Grover (Yancy).

Locations: Museum Front Steps, The Museum, Yancy Academy.

Boss: Mrs. Dodds (4 hearts.)

2. My mother teaches me bullfighting

Characters: Percy (torn shirt), Sally Jackson.

Locations: Half-blood hill

Boss: Minotaur (4 hearts)

3. I am offered a quest

Characters: Percy (armour), Luke (armour), Annabeth (armour)

Locations: The forest

Boss: Clarrise (4 hearts)

4. Las Vegas Conquest

Characters: Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase

Locations: Las Vegas Street, Lotus Hotel & Casino

5. Hades and His Home

Characters: Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase

Locations: Underworld Entrance, Fields of Asphodel, Hades Kingdom

Boss: Hades (2 Hearts)

6.The Son of Poseidon

Characters: Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase

Locations: Los Angeles Beach, Camp Half-Blood

Boss: Ares (12 Hearts), Luke Castellan (3 Hearts)

The Sea of Monsters

1. My Brother's Keeper

Characters: Percy Jackson, Tyson

Locations: Meriwether College Prep Grounds, Meriwether Gym

Boss: Lastygonian Giant (4 Hearts)

2.The Chariot Race

Characters: Percy ocations: Camp Half-Blood, Chariot Race Arena

3.The Monster Donut Kid

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Tyson

Locations: Forest

Boss: Hydra, 12 hearts

4. C. C.’s Spa and Resort

Characters: Percy, Annabeth

Locations: C. C.’s Spa, Blackbeard’s Ship

Boss: C. C., 3 hearts

5.The Golden Fleece

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse, Grover

Locations: Polyphemus’s Cave, Golden Fleece Tree

6.Miami Beach

Characters: Percy, Grover, Chiron, Tyson

Locations: Miami Beach


The Titan’s Curse

1.Nico and Bianca

Characters: Percy, Thalia, Grover

Locations: Dark Forest

Boss: Manticore, 7 hearts

2. The Hunters

Characters: Percy, Nico

Locations: Zeus’s Fist, The Forest

3.Air and Space

Characters: Percy, Zoe, Grover, Bianca, Thalia

Locations: The Air and Space Museum

Boss: Nemean Lion, 12 hearts

4. Junkyard of the Gods

Characters: Percy, Bianca

Locations: Hephaestus’s Junkyard

Boss: Talos, 7 hearts

5. Hoover Dam

Characters: Percy, Rachel, Grover, Thalia

Locations: Hoover Dam

6. Atlas

Characters: Percy, Artemis, Annabeth, Zoe, Mr. Chase

Locations: Atlas’s Hill, The Chase’s House

Boss: Atlas, 12 hearts


The Battle of the Labyrinth

1.The Empousa

Characters: Percy, Rachel

Locations: Goode High School, Music room

Boss: Tammy and Kelli, 3 hearts each

2.Zeus’s Fist

Characters: Percy, Annabeth

Locations: Mess Hall, The Forest, Zeus’s Fist, Entrance to the Labyrinth

Boss: Scorpions


Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson

Locations: Labyrinth, Alkatraz

4.Calypso’s Island

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Calypso

Locations: Mount St. Helens, Ogygia, Camp Half-Blood

Boss: Telkhines

5.The Lost God

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Nico, Tyson, Rachel

Locations: Labyrinth, Carlsbad Caverns, Pan’s Hiding Place

6.The Battle of the Labyrinth

Characters: Percy, Grover, Juniper, Annabeth

Locations: Zeus’s Fist, The Forest

The Last Olympian

1.The Princess Andromeda

Characters: Percy, Charles Beckendorf

Locations: Engine Room, Deck

Boss: Kronos/Luke, 12 hearts

2.The River Styx

Characters: Percy, Nico

Locations: The Underworld, Asphodel Fields, The River Styx

3.Battle on the Bridge

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Michael Yew

Locations: The Hudson River, The Williamsburg Bridge

Boss: The Minotaur, 3 hearts

4.The Party Ponies

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Chiron

Locations: The Empire State Building

5.Mount Olympus

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia

Locations: The Empire State Building, Mount Olympus

Boss: Kronos, 12 hearts

6.The New Oracle

Characters: Percy, Chiron, Apollo

Locations: Camp Half-Blood, The Big House