Western Train ride

Playable Ride:Woody riding Bullseye

Playable Characters:Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Boss:Evil Dr.Pork Chop

Places:Train,Wild west

Grab the cell phone

Playable Characters:Sarge and Green army men

Places:Andy's room,air vent

He's 17 years old

Playable Character:Mr.Potato head and Woody

Places:Andy's room

attic adventure

Playable Character:Woody

Places:Andy's room,atic

welcome to sunnyside

Playable Characters:Woody,Jessie and Buzz Lightyear

Boss:Wack a toy

Places:Sunny side

i'm going home

Playable Characters:Woody


Places:Sunny side building

to witch is attacking

Playable Characters:Woody and Mr.Pricklepants


Places:Tea room

I'll talk to lotso

Playable Characters:Buzz Lightyear (Wings out)

Boss:Chunk and Twitch

Places:Butterfly room,snack room

fantastic voyage of snack machine

Playable Characters:Buzz Lightyear

Boss:Big Baby

Places:Snack machine

A real space ranger again

Playable Characters:Jessie

Boss:Buzz Lightyear

Places:Butterfly room

fire up the computer

Playable Characters:Woody and Trixie

Places:Bonnie's house

return to sunny side

Playable Characters:Woody (no hat)